Blue Spinel: How Much Does It Cost Per Carat?

Caring for Blue Spinel

Blue Spinel – captivating gemstone renowned for its dazzling blue hue and superior durability. Uncover the gem’s per-carat cost with this article, as we explore its appeal, value, and pricing factors.

The marvelous Blue Spinel has long bewitched jewelry lovers with its glowing beauty. Its vibrant blue color gives off a sense of wonder – like the endless sea or a sunny sky. Plus, this gem ranks 8 on the Mohs scale, making it very resistant to scratches and exceptionally long-lasting.

So, how is the per-carat cost of Blue Spinel determined? Color intensity is a major factor – intensely saturated blues are rare and highly priced. Clarity is also essential – flawless or near-flawless gems are in high demand and cost more.

Cutting also influences the price. A well-cut stone will showcase its color and shimmer even more. And size matters too – the bigger the stone, the rarer it is, and the pricier it becomes.

Tip: Get a certified valuation to guarantee authenticity and obtain an accurate price for Blue Spinel.

Reveal the mysteries behind the per-carat cost of Blue Spinel. Acquire insights that will guide you in making informed investments in this extraordinary gemstone. Join us as we unveil the nuanced factors that define its genuine value and how it can illuminate your journey. Discover more on this captivating subject on the Melogems!

What is Blue Spinel?

Behold! Blue Spinel, a captivating gem of intense blue color and mesmerizing allure. It’s easy to mistake this precious stone for sapphire or tanzanite, due to its similar appearance. But it has its own unique charm and beauty – as a member of the spinel family, it includes various colors such as red, pink, purple, and blue. This vivid hue is due to traces of cobalt and iron. It’s like looking at the deep ocean or a clear sky on a sunny day.

Blue Spinel holds historical significance too. It’s been adored by royal families and nobles for centuries – even the British crown jewels contain a Blue Spinel known as “the Timur Ruby”.

The price of Blue Spinel per carat can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Its value depends on color intensity, clarity, cut quality, and size. The most sought-after shade is vibrant blue with secondary violet hues.

What’s more, Blue Spinel remains relatively affordable compared to other blue gemstones like sapphire or aquamarine – yet still captivating. According to GIA, its average market value is between $800-$3,500 per carat. But exceptional pieces with exceptional qualities may be worth more at auctions or private sales.

What is Blue Spinel?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Blue Spinel

Blue spinel, a gem known for its deep blue, is affected by several factors that decide its price per carat. Size and weight, color intensity and hue, clarity or absence of inclusions, and origin are included.

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To comprehend these factors, here’s a table:

Size & Weight Color Clarity Origin
Importance Larger sizes and weights Vivid blue tone and saturation Eye-clean with minimal inclusions Myanmar (Burma)
Sri Lanka
Examples Fetch higher prices Madagascar
Example: Brazil

Size and weight are central in pricing blue spinel. Bigger sizes are rare, making them more valuable. Also, intense and vivid blue hues are highly sought. Eye-clean specimens with little inclusions have increased brilliance and are priced higher.

Origin is another factor in pricing blue spinel. Spinels from different regions have varying characteristics and history. Myanmar (Burma) spinels have vibrant shade of blue and can have higher prices. Spinels from Sri Lanka have light-medium blue color.

A historical fun fact about this gemstone is, blue spinel has been treasured for its resemblance to sapphires. Many “sapphires” in royal and museum collections have turned out to be spinels on closer inspection. An example is the “Sapphire Crown” of Russia, which was a blue spinel.

In conclusion, the cost of blue spinel depends on size, color intensity, clarity, and origin. This mix of characteristics makes blue spinel an alluring gem sought after by gem collectors and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Blue Spinel

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Average Cost of Blue Spinel Per Carat

The cost of blue spinel per carat is an important factor to think about when buying this gemstone. It affects the overall value and the money needed. Let’s take a look at the figures below for a better understanding.

The table shows the average price of blue spinel per carat based on different qualities and sizes:

Quality Carat Weight Average Cost
AAA 1 carat $500
2 carats $900
3 carats $1,200
AA 1 carat $300
2 carats $600
3 carats $800
A 1 carat $200
2 carats $400
3 carats $600

These prices could be different due to other factors like color intensity, transparency, cut, and origin. But, they give an idea of the average cost of blue spinel per carat.

It’s good to know that blue spinel can be cheaper compared to sapphires or tanzanite but still offer amazing beauty and durability.

If you’re thinking of investing in blue spinel, now is the time. With its growing popularity and limited supply of certain colors and sizes, don’t miss out! Get a beautiful piece of blue spinel jewelry before it gets even more wanted.

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Average Cost of Blue Spinel Per Carat

Rarity and Value of Blue Spinel

Entranced by the beauty of blue spinel? It holds immense value in the gem collecting world. Jewelry fans and collectors alike seek its mesmerizing blues. Here’s a table of factors influencing the cost per carat:

Color Grade Clarity Grade Carat Weight Price Range per Carat
Intense Royal VVS/VS/SI Above 3 $1,000 – $5,000
Medium Tone VVS/VS/SI Above 3 $800 – $2,500
Pastel VS Above 2 $400 – $800
Pale VS Any $200 – $500

Bear in mind these are only guidelines. Origin, cut, and quality can affect value. When selecting blue spinel, prioritize vibrancy and clarity. This adds remarkable value and ensures the best look.

Blue spinel is a treasure, treasured for its rarity and range of prices. Appreciate its captivating allure and you won’t regret it!

Rarity and Value of Blue Spinel

Where to Buy Blue Spinel

Wanna buy blue spinel? Great! Here are 3 good sources for it:

  • Online Gemstone Retailers: Check out Blue Nile and James Allen. They have a wide range of blue spinels, and lots of info about each one – like carat weight, color, and clarity.
  • Auctions: Keep an eye out for jewelry auctions. Christie’s and Sotheby’s often have high-quality blue spinels at good prices – do your research and set a budget!
  • Specialty Jewelry Stores: Visit local gemstone experts who can help you find the perfect blue spinel for your preferences and wallet.

Want something special? Look for bi-color or star formations – they make the gemstone stand out!

A few more tips:

  • Research the seller – look for customer reviews, certifications, and return policies.
  • Set a budget – consider carat weight, cut quality, and desired color.
  • See the stone in person if you can.

Happy hunting for your ideal blue spinel!

Where to Buy Blue Spinel

Caring for Blue Spinel

Taking care of Blue Spinel needs attention. Here are some tips to keep its beauty and life.

Let’s check out a table with tips:

Caring for Blue Spinel
Keep away from harsh chemicals
Store in a soft cloth or pouch
Clean with mild soap and water
Avoid sudden temperature changes
Have it pro inspected and cleaned periodically

Now, let’s look at other details. Keep the gemstone far from household cleaners, lotions, and perfumes. Storing in a soft pouch keeps it safe from other jewelry.

Cleaning needs mild soap and water, plus a soft brushs> or cloth. Don’t use abrasive materials as they can scratch. Sudden temperature changes might cause thermal shock and cracks.

Lastly, have it inspected and cleaned by a trusted jeweler. Regular inspections will keep any necessary adjustments made, preserving its brilliance.

Caring for Blue Spinel


Blue Spinel is highly prized, for its beauty and rarity. Cost per carat can be tricky to compute. Different aspects, such as color, clarity, cut and size, all influence the price.

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Color is key. A richer, deeper blue commands a greater cost per carat. Clarity matters too; fewer blemishes or inclusions mean more money.

Cut is also important. Gems that are cut well will sparkle and shine, making them more attractive. Size is another factor – bigger stones being rarer, command higher cost per carat.

To get an exact cost per carat figure for Blue Spinel, consult an expert. They will provide guidance and help you find the right price, tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost per carat for Blue Spinel?

Answer: The average cost per carat for Blue Spinel can vary depending on various factors such as the quality, color, clarity, and size of the gemstone. On average, Blue Spinel can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per carat.

Does the color of Blue Spinel affect its price?

Answer: Yes, the color of Blue Spinel can significantly impact its price. The most desirable shades of blue, such as vivid royal blue or intense navy blue, are generally more expensive compared to lighter or less vibrant shades.

Does the clarity of Blue Spinel influence its cost per carat?

Answer: The clarity of Blue Spinel does play a role in determining its price. Gemstones with fewer inclusions and higher clarity grades are usually more valuable. However, a slight to moderate amount of natural inclusions is common in Blue Spinel and may not drastically affect its beauty or price.

Are larger Blue Spinel gemstones more expensive?

Answer: Yes, larger Blue Spinel gemstones tend to be more expensive per carat compared to smaller ones. This is because larger gemstones are rarer and require more raw material to be mined and cut, making them relatively scarce.

How can I ensure I am getting a fair price for Blue Spinel?

Answer: To ensure you are getting a fair price for Blue Spinel, it is advisable to educate yourself about the gemstone’s characteristics, market value, and current trends. Additionally, consulting with reputable gemstone dealers or getting a professional appraisal can help you make an informed purchase decision.

Can the cost of Blue Spinel vary between different suppliers?

Answer: Yes, the cost of Blue Spinel can vary between different suppliers. Factors such as the supplier’s reputation, overhead costs, and market demand can influence the pricing. It is always recommended to compare prices and quality from multiple sources to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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